Your love is unique and spectacular—and your wedding photos should be, too!

Let's create some magic together and make sure you get the wedding photos you deserve:  ones that truly represent your one-of-a-kind love and will keep you swooning forever and ever.

I live for every second of this—experiencing the anticipation of your wedding day with you as we plan your timeline for the day and chat about your must-have photos; being your ultimate hype-girl and FRIEND on your wedding day (and probably even crying a little during your wedding toasts and first dances); and especially the end result: delivering a gallery of breathtaking photos that makes you laugh until you cry, cry until you laugh, and forever relive the day you married your person.

So check out my photos, read a little about what I can do to help make your wedding day blow your mind—and then get in touch to see if your date's available!

"There are all kinds of love in this world
but never the same love twice."
~F. Scott Fitzgerald

the wedding experience


I’ll celebrate your love, no matter your race, sexual orientation, religion, or your thoughts regarding whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza.

I’ll really, really listen to you and be an excellent communicator to ensure your photos are everything you need them to be—and so much more. They'll be full of joy and emotion, and do your love justice—and there's a 100% chance you'll cry when you see them.

I’ll know when to guide you and when to let the moment guide me, so you'll get both posed and candid photos:  the best of both worlds. 

I’ll make you feel comfortable, confident, and cared about—all while making you laugh. 

I'll make you so glad you chose me.

A promise to my clients:


tell me about the


First, fill out the form below, or e-mail me directly at, and tell me all the good stuff: where you met, if you have a dog, what shows you binge-watch together, ALL OF IT.

If I'm available on your date, we'll schedule a phone call, video chat, or a coffee/drink date, so you can tell me about your dream-wedding and confirm that you totally wanna book with me.

get in touch and book a chat


Once you've decided we're a good fit for each other and will make the best photos ever together—AND have fun in the process—we'll take care of the contract and 20% retainer fee and become official!

secure your date


Most of my collections include a complementary engagement session. I LOVE these sessions. It's a great way for us to get to know each other better, for you to get comfortable in front of the camera, and for you to celebrate this amazing time in your lives. We'll work together to come up with the perfect date, outfits, and location.

engagement session


4-6 weeks before your wedding, I'll bust out my wedding day expertise and help you come up with a timeline that ensures we have plenty of time for photos AND for you to enjoy your wedding day.

timeline planning


Yay! You'll get to go through your day with peace of mind in knowing you're in good hands—and that every single moment of your wedding day will be expertly documented by your calm, organized wizard of a photographer. 

your wedding day


I always aim for sooner, but within 60 days, you'll receive about 1,000 beautifully edited photos (that will undoubtedly knock you on your booty) in an online gallery. Once you've checked them over and determined they're all perfect, I'll put them, along with a print release, on a pretty USB for you.

You'll be over the moon to have your photos, but you'll be mega-bummed to be done working with me. I'll miss you, too!

photo delivery

Is it weird to refer to myself as laid-back and fun? A little? I’m gonna do it anyway. I’m laid-back and fun! I’ll do anything I can to make you feel comfortable in front of my camera, and my goal is for it to feel like we’re just buddies hanging out—one of whom happens to have a camera with her. 

My work is a healthy mix of candid and posed—so I grab all of those sweet little in-between moments you didn't even know I was noticing, as well as the more posed stuff that moms and grandmas love (nothing too unnatural, though!). I believe playfulness and deep emotion can coexist in a photo gallery.

For the most part, my edited images are bold and warm, with a touch of moodiness if the situation allows. 

Authenticity is my number one goal, and I will really and truly capture the essence of you in a photograph, and we'll have a blast in the process. 

fun, emotive, and real

My Style

I take great pride in my editing, and I think the depth and warm glow of my photos is what makes my work look like my work. Each delivered photo receives color correction, cropping, adjustment for lighting, etc., as well as basic skin retouching. I don't make anybody look plastic, but I do omit blemishes and soften lines.  I don't "Photoshop" bodies. Trust me, you're beautiful. 

how much do you edit your photos?

No, you'll receive printing rights and can print wherever you'd like. However, I do offer print products, and I love designing albums!

Do we have to order products from you?

My contract says 60 days, but I like to underpromise and overdeliver!

how long do you take to deliver photos?

No, some photos should never see the light of day. I remove duplicate images, test shots, shots with bad expressions (like mid-talking) and other photos that would dilute the overall product delivery. You definitely won't feel like anything's missing from your gallery!

Do you deliver every photo you take?

I deliver an average of 1,000 images per wedding. 

How many photos do you deliver?

While I do appreciate natural light, I bring all my lighting equipment to every wedding and can properly light any location or situation.

are you a natural light photographer?

Every collection includes expertly-edited high resolution photos and an online gallery. Engagement sessions and custom USBs are part of most collections. The investment also covers consultation, timeline planning, and my guidance throughout the wedding process.

What is included in the Collections?

In a word, my work is authentic. Of course I can pose people like a pro, but the real, candid stuff is what makes my heart soar. My edited images are fairly true-to-life in color, with depth and a touch of warmth.

What’s your style of photography?

Cleveland, Ohio, but I'll travel!

where do you shoot weddings?


Words from Clients

take it from them—Because talking about myself is weird

"An innate eye for all things unique and beautiful."

"I know she won't put this on her own website in her own words, so I'll say it: she's super freaking funny.  Her sense of humor  coupled with her charisma made working with with her a blast."

Amanda's hilarious and can bring levity to any stressful situation!"

"Amanda really lets your true, candid 
personality transcend through her pics!"

"Some of my favorite photos are the ones I didn't even notice she was taking."

"Amanda is positive, hilarious, 
and the best hype girl to her clients."

"Chill af. Professional but fun! Excellent energy."

"Very fun, like planning pictures with a friend! Very flexible, super quick turnaround, zero disappointment."

"Amanda is understanding, patient, creative, 
and everything else you could ever want in a photographer!"

"Fun, comfortable, like hanging out with a friend."

"A fun, comfortable, relaxed time 
with the perfect amount of direction!"

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